We promote innovation and help global customers apply it to their business model. BangBit offers pragmatic tools and business solutions that help resolve complex business challenges empowering organizations to achieve competitive advantage. Our digital solutions and technology aid you grow your applications, platforms, and infrastructure to fit the needs of a contemporary, dynamic digital enterprise.

BangBit is specialized in developing scalable and reliable Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) by integrating blockchain technology to resolve business problems and optimize business productivity by managing resources, projects and clients effectively. We can use hyperledger in order to support your collaborative development of blockchain based distributed applications to make it more scalable and agile. BangBit can develop and launch ICOs powered by indelible distributed ledger, or blockchain. Our developed tools will reduce your time and operational cost drastically. BangBit's blockchain solutions will make your transactions highly secure and flexible to eradicate the risk of a scam.

BangBit offers an entire range of AI solutions including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition System, Expert Systems, ChatBots, Predictive Analytics, Knowledge Virtualization and more. Our offered AI solutions can be integrated seamlessly with any business model. We have core expertise to integrate AI using cognitive technology across industries.


In today's competitive business world, a right set of business strategy is the key to success. With the change of time and business functions, technology has become one of the most prolific business vertical. But the pathway to implementing right technology is still a mystery for many companies. BangBit IT consultants help you find ways to deliver a compelling customer experience. We focus on enabling you to get the best business value from data through a strategic approach which will improve business performance, effectiveness and reduce cost.

Our consulting service fords the forming of strategies from growth to business process optimization and the development of competitive edge through proper business planning and execution. Our consultants help organizations to accelerate higher decision making through a collaborative approach of analysis, knowledge, design and implementation. We consult innovative solutions that are quick, effective and empower transformation through swift and decisive implementation.


Enterprises make huge investments of time and resources in developing business applications. The next step should be to ensure that you get the best ROI by collaborating with the specialists who can maintain and support your applications. BangBit offers a full suite of software support and sustenance services to meet your company's needs. We follow an approach which will reduce the total cost-of-ownership and ensure valuable product enhancements. Our support team make sure that your entire IT infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly.

Our support and maintenance team stays in line with the cutting-edge technology trends, which assures optimum uptime of your application and its dynamic compliance with the industry standards. Our team works with you closely to understand your business and develop customized maintenance solutions to achieve highest product agility, compatibility and flexibility.