BangBit Technologies offers a wide range of IT services to our clients providing professional, creative, reusable, open source, latest technology and quality solutions across Mobile, Web and Windows platforms. We are also involved in training people with latest technologies and outsource them for the companies in need. For business enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can drop a mail to and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Application Development

    BangBit provides enterprise business applications development services in multiple technology platforms. Our consultative approach takes a big picture view of your existing business processes, challenges faced and technology landscape before deciding on a solution. As a service provider, we take a partnership based approach for delivering innovative solutions to address your business requirements. Also, our delivery models are flexible enough to accommodate the changing business environment and maximize return on your investments.

    BangBit takes end-to-end responsibility for the entire Software Development Life Cycle functions. Our software development services cover:

    Requirements Capture & Analysis
    Usability Engineering
    Technology Architecture/ Design
    Application Development/ Enhancement/ Re-Engineering
    Quality Assurance
    Configuration & Release Management
    Data Migration
    Support for User Acceptance Testing
    Implementation and Post Production Support
  • Mobile Apps

    With billions of mobile handsets in use, it is becoming an obligation for businesses to have a presence on mobile. BangBit Technologies creates feel-good interactive enterprise mobile solutions to help your business reach your customers on the go. We can help you develop intuitive mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows phone platforms developed either completely in native method or in cross-platform / hybrid technologies method. We also help converting your old web sites optimized for hand-held devices using Responsive Web Design (RWD).

    For to know about our ongoing mobile apps projects, please check the iLabs page or click here.

  • Web 2.0 Applications

    Websites are progressively becoming holistic marketing tools that can share content and connect users in a tremendous way. With a great competition online, a strong website presence is must to stand ahead the cluster. When it comes to web development, we aim to proffer our clients with the latest Web 2.0 technologies (Web design for all devices).

    “Web2.0 design isn't just graphical effects but the discipline of simplicity”

    Web 2.0 helps to display a rich, easy to use responsive interfaces, handy dashboards and customer driven interactive E-Commerce applications etc., created with the help of newly emerging front end technologies like HTML5 & CSS 3.0, JavaScript/UI Ajax&COMET frameworks (Dojo Toolkit, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, etc., Adobe Flash , Apache Flex , Silverlight, etc.)

    In general , there are some security misconceptions with these emerging HTML5 Javascript related technologies. So , few of the customers still stick with old server-side web development. But , the most dangerous security problems won’t be due to features of HTML5. Too many experienced people have been working on the specifications to leave egregious errors in the design or in browser's implementation of it. The worst problems will come from developers who rush into new technologies without remembering sins of the past. Hence, we ensure more security with client-side encryptions to protect your data while storing any. And also, all the javascript codes are minified and obfuscated along with segregating important data and logics to store on the server side.

    Our site is built on Web 2.0 technology comprising jQuery Ajax, jQueryUI , jQuery Mobile , Bootstrap , skelJS , Node.js - server-side JavaScript , PHP and MySQL. It is based on HTML5 Responsive Web Design.

  • Windows Applications

    If you want to develop desktop applications—anything that runs at the command line or on the conventional Windows desktop that remains a fully supported, integral, essential part of Windows , then you can contact BangBit Technologies.

    The desktop is valuable, and indeed for many applications, necessary. It's very likely that most productivity applications will stick with the desktop for some years to come. The same is true of utility programs, and a large swath of current Windows software: either their interfaces are too complex for the touch-friendly , or they need access to APIs that they are forbidden from using or both. The desktop, and desktop development, is here to stay still.

    BangBit has deep experience in developing Windows-based desktop applications. For more information on technologies used , expertise level and projects, please don't hesitate emailing us to

  • Application Maintenance

    Application Maintenance and Support services from BangBit Technologies is designed to help you focus on your core business activities whereas we take care of your software maintenance needs - be it application enhancements, routine maintenance/ bug fixes or production support. Combination of our quality focus and offshore based operations can provide huge savings in your IT budgets, and at the same time improve software quality and maintain high service levels.

    We provide enhancements, modification and production support as part of our application maintenance services. Our portfolio of software maintenance services include:

    Maintenance support of products and solutions
    Support of third party applications
    Managed care of production systems
    Enhancements to existing software solutions to extend the service over mobile and handheld devices
    Product technology migration services
    Product operating platform upgrade services
  • Testing Services

    BangBit Technologies provides the entire spectrum of software testing services - services include test requirements analysis, tool identification, preparing test strategy & processes, test planning, test case design & development, test execution and test results analysis & reporting. BangBit has a highly qualified team of Software Testing Professionals and employs the latest testing standards followed in the industry for software quality assurance, and helps customers roll out bug free software in the shortest possible time. Our effective metrics collection and flexible delivery models helps customers reduce test cycle time, reduce the overall cost and improve the quality of every release.

    Various types of testing that we offer include:

    Functionality Testing - Integration Testing, System Testing, User Interface Testing, Regression Testing and API Testing
    User Interface Testing
    Platform Compatibility Testing
    Testing for Performance, Reliability, Availability, Load and Stress
    Regression Testing
    Test Automation
  • Other Services


    In addition to above offshore software development , we provide onsite consulting services for specific client requests. This involves providing qualified and competent Software resources on short and long terms contracts. These professionals work on various client projects at client locations. Bangbit, through its offshore office in India brings people from its own talent pool and assists clients in overcoming skill shortages in critical projects.


    We offer onsite corporate training courses customised to client's requirement . We understand there is a higher demand than supply in mobile programming, which reiterates the fact that there are not enough good mobile developers in the industry. Hence , we focus mainly on providing training courses for Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies. However for trainings required on other technologies or for current training course details, please don't hesitate emailing us to

    Note: These courses are only meant for the corporates looking for onsite training in their offices for hourly based programs on advanced topics to their software engineers.

    Curriculum Project

    Any curriculum should be project-intensive, where students learn by example and by practice. We help them by providing internship programs with us. It is a learning platform for both technical and non-technical students by getting involved in real time working environment.

    We also train them with technology tutorials covering a variety of topics and resources. For students/colleges, who are all looking internship programs can send email to

Business Inquiries

Thanks for your interest. Please send in your business inquiries to We will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What browsers work with our site?
BangBit website is built on HTML5 Responsive Web Design using skelJS. So, pretty much all modern (and a few not-so-modern) browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Android Browser (2.x and up)
  • Safari/iOS (4.x and up)
2. Why you need to create a BangBit Account (Sign In Account)?
Some of our mobile and web applications require user authentication. Once a BangBit account is created, you can use the same credentials to sign in to all these applications. BangBit supports social network sign in for all it's applications now.

3. Is BangBit Technologies a registered company?
BangBit Technologies is now a private limited company. BangBit Technologies Private Limited is incorporated on Eighth day of May Two Thousand Fifteen under the Companies Act, 2013 by Registrar of Companies, Bangalore, India.

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