BangBit's Innovation Labs (iLabs) team take care of the entire product innovation practice. We believe in building products based on robust R&D, which can add tangible business value. We have developed industry-leading web & mobile applications with a relatable customer experience across the enterprise. At BangBit, we believe in the idea of challenging innovation, a feature that should always be present in technology. Below are few of our creations.

Our Applications

Over the last decade, smartphones and mobile applications are playing a pivotal role in business with a larger customer base. Apps are becoming the most effective form of digital communication. Customers are on the move and they need all the information with a tap. That's why mobile apps are so much relevant in today's fast-shifting business environment. No matter what is the nature of your business, a mobile app can help you get and retain customers. BangBit has developed few top-notch mobile applications with a high rate of user engagement. Following are few of them.


PlaMobi is a real-time map classified peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized marketplace blockchain application in which service provider and service seeker meet without the need of middlemen, enter into trustless smart contracts with service reputation and money in escrow. We merge service reputation and economic initiatives into one by tokenizing the service and giving it value. It enables you to advertise and do business yourself on your location. It provides a wide range of options to help and resolve your needs in the location you are in. The three main features of the plaMobi DApp are 1. No Middleman menace. 2. Hyper local P2P Buy/Sell. 3. Tokenization of services.

At times, people need services or support while on the move, through plaMobi you can either post a service requirement or offer a service at any time. Multiple service filters like "Cab Rental", "House for sale", "Food", "Hotel Booking", "Jobs", "Maintenance Technicians", "Labour Services", "Home Businesses", etc. can be created. Whenever a user requires any service, they can post a status message highlighting the service requirement, and instantly it will get updated on the map.

For example, if you are new to a place and want to have authentic Chinese food, you can put the status in plaMobi, and people or restaurants around you using the app can help you out in getting into the best Chinese restaurant. This app will benefit both service seeker & provider. It's a win-win situation for both. As a service provider, you can advertise yourself (car rental, real-estate, food, job etc.) & as a service seeker, you can avail the best deal. Both service provider and seeker can chat with each other to understand more about the need. There are many outstanding features in the app. And one of the most prolific features is plaMobi is highly secure & any of your personal information will never be shared with anyone. plaMobi supports two sorts of notification filters. First, general search based notification to receive status updates from a specific location and second, geolocation-based notification to receive status updates from the 1km radius of your current location.

plaMobi is built as an Ethereum blockchain DApp. plaMobi ICO, an Ethereum ERC-20 utility token aims to bootstrap the network by attracting early users and service contributors to the platform, to raise funds for the continued scaling and development of the platform, as well as to provide a mechanism that incentives and rewards early adopters of the platform. The service provider and service seeker performs the buy and sell using this plaMobi token. Pre-sale of the token and plaMobi DApp with an in-built wallet is aimed for the first quarter of the year 2020.

Launching soon for Android, iOS & Web.



BangBit developed CryptoBalance app for both iOS & Android platforms to keep track of your crypto wallet balances by accessing the respective block explorers. You can also avail your wallet information on your mobile as an easy crypto balance report. CryptoBalance supports various cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic. In our recent release, this even started supporting Ethereum token balances like OMG, EOS, QTUM, SAN, SONM, Status Network, Golem Network, TenX Pay Token, 0x Protocol Token, Civic, Veritaseum, Bancor Network Token, Monaco, StorjToken, ICONOMI, Gnosis, Monetha, Firstblood,, SIGMA Token, etc.

CryptoBalance app is highly secure and all your wallet information are encrypted and stored on your mobile. A user can select their preferred fiat currency for conversions. Users can also add notes to their wallet addresses. With the latest CryptoBalance Android App version 2.0 onwards, users can choose to get notified with their wallet balance changes in Email and Push notification on their mobile. Whenever the wallet address balance changes, users will be alerted.

Available for download on



CoinAnalysis is an easy-to-use mobile application with an AI chatbot assistance to check cryptocurrency market caps and price trends. BangBit is very enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin had grabbed more attention in recent past than ever. As we witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of Bitcoin investors, they need more information on various cryptocurrencies, their price, growth reports and trends. CoinAnalysis will produce all the information related to any particular cryptocurrency.

You just need to enter the currency name you wanted to analyse to see the result. A user can also check which crypto coins have seen maximum rise in past 1 hour or 24 hours or 1 week. You can select the growth percentage (let's say 50%) in last 24 hours, and the application will show you all the coins which witnessed 50% price growth in past 24 hours. CoinAnalysis application gives in-depth coin market information. BangBit is dedicated to keep working on these data and make this app the best one in this niche. This app will help you in identifying the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market in which you can invest and get maximum return.

With the chatbot assistance, you can ask questions like "How to buy bitcoin?", "Ethereum marketcap", "Bitshares rank?", "Past 10 days historical data of BTC", "How much will 1000 Tron cost me?", "EGT chart past 3 months", "ICOs that gave 10x rise in past two weeks", "Coins that made maximum profit in 2018", "Coins that listed 100% profit in past three months", etc.

A simple investments portfolio feature is also available to help traders to keep track of their investments. Crypto to fiat currencies converter and vice-versa is available with this app. The current version of this app will be more helpful for day traders in choosing the best coins to trade. Deep Learning predictive analysis based forecasting of the coin prices is in progress for the next release version 2.0.

Available for download on



bizDost bizDost

BizDost is developed especially for small business owners. This is an enterprise mobile application (both in Android & iOS), which helps SMEs to maximize their business reach & optimize profit. Small enterprises like small departmental stores, commercial shops, real-estate agents, manufacturers, wholesale dealers, e-commerce companies, training institutes, etc. can use BizDost to engage their target customers by notifying various business-related announcements like offers, new arrivals, promotions, discounts etc.

BizDost helps you to stay connected with your customers in a very convenient manner. This enterprise app is powered by various comprehensive features like offer alerts, customer feedbacks, in-house employee feedback, report generation, scalability best suited for your nature of business and requirement, business visibility etc. BizDost can cut down your operational costs significantly, and you can reach more number of customers in a lesser period of time. As many small businesses now know, to stay competitive these days, you need to be mobile. BizDost is the best way you can connect your employees and customers to build your digital community.

Available for Android, iOS & Web.


FindMobi is a location tracking application, by using which you can track your friends, family members, employees or anyone's real-time location. This application is highly secure and user-friendly. FindMobi can be used by both individuals as well as professionals as it comes with two versions: Basic & Pro. The Basic version is for individual users to track the current location of their family, friends or employees, while the pro version is for businesses like a cab, food delivery, courier, e-commerce, home delivery items service providers. With FindMobi, customers can track the delivery agent's current location.

To start using this app, you can install it from Playstore and create an account. You can also create an account using any of your social media credentials. Once your account is created, you can use the same set of credentials to register on all mobile devices which you want to track. This application is best for small e-commerce service providers. FindMobi is also helpful in finding your mobile if it is misplaced or stolen. You can sign in to the FindMobi web page and track the location of your mobile.

With FindMobi, now it is easy to track:
• Location of your kid's school bus.
• Location of the delivery agent.
• Location of your family members.
• Location of your on-field salesperson.

Available for download on

FindMobi FindMobi

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System Vehicle Management System

BangBit's vehicle parking management system is a comprehensive solution for smart vehicle parking. This system will eradicate the complications involved in managing vehicles & parking lots. No need to maintain a register & enter all the vehicle details manually. With our vehicle parking management system, you can enter vehicle number & other details with the owner details in the application. After that, the appropriate parking space for that particular vehicle can be granted. You can maintain different directories for car parking, 2-wheeler parking & cab/auto parking.

1. Enter the vehicle number & details at the time of arrival.
2. In-time will be locked for that particular vehicle automatically.
3. At the time of departure click on the out-time option &, it will show you the out-time & total parking time for that particular vehicle.

This is a very simple application built for efficient parking management in societies, shopping malls, hospitals, multiplexes, retail outlets, institutions, offices, tech parks etc. This application can support small parking lots as well as huge parking lots. Any security person can use this, as this is very simple to use and manage. BangBit's vehicle parking management system has numerous advantages. Few of them are; It will expunge manual errors, all vehicle records with a click, highly scalable, user-friendly, secure, comes with an admin panel, multi-user based, parking lot space management, and it will reduce time & operational cost.

Available for download on

Vehicle Management System