iLabs team take care the product/application development. Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience of the desktop, web and mobile based software developments. It is based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers business and technology demand.

Our Applications

Over the last five years, smartphones and tablets have proven that they’re immensely capable. Through the continuing miniaturization of technology and Moore’s law, hand-held devices are now almost as powerful as a desktop or laptop PC. In a few years, everything you do on your laptop will be needed by the customers on their hand-held devices. BangBit has put it's effort on the following mobile apps.

  • Mobile Apps

    BangBit Technologies is going to launch the following mobile applications to Google Play and Apple App Store very soon . However, you can get their details and download the beta versions on request. For our enterprise mobile application, please do not hesitate to contact us for demo/POC. You can drop a mail to and we will get back to you ASAP.

    • FindMobi

      "Make your mobile a tracking device"

      FindMobi ( helps you keep track of your loved ones, friends or co-workers and know about their whereabouts at all times. It can be easily installed on your mobiles, and is extremely simple to use. To start, download the application and create an account or click here. [Now, you can use your social network account/credentials to register into all BangBit applications]. Once the account is created, you use the same credentials and register on all mobile devices that you want to track. For example, consider you own a travel agency and have four cabs (KA-1, KA-2, KA-3 and KA-4). You install FindMobi on your mobile and register. Now, install FindMobi application on your cab driver’s mobiles and register using the same credentials. Whenever there is an availability for a cab, you can sign in to the FindMobi web page or to your mobile and find the cab that is closer to the customer’s location.

      FindMobi is available in two versions: Basic and Pro. With the Basic version you (account holder) can find the location of the individuals (your mobiles). Whereas, the Pro version allows you to set an unique Tracking ID on your employee’s mobile and provide the same ID to the customer to track the person/order or bus or cab. FindMobi Pro version is mainly designed for the service providers such as Courier Services, Cab or any Travel Services, Food Services, etc. The customer can track the person or their order or cab using the Tracking ID with FindMobi Pro web page. The Tracking ID can be Bill No. or Order ID or Vehicle No., etc.

      FindMobi is also helpful in finding your mobile if it is misplaced or stolen. You can just sign in to the FindMobi web page and find the location of your mobile.


    • BusinessGenie

      BusinessGenie is an enterprise mobile application, designed to deliver the needs of small businesses/corporates and enhance their business processes. Commercial shops, small and medium-sized enterprises, goods manufactures and wholesaler's can utilize this application to inform the customers or retailers about the new arrivals, sales discounts, promotions/offers, etc. With the BusinessGenie you can always be connected to your customers and employees. It is a complete enterprise package, which provides comprehensive features like:

      Alerts to notify customers like the upcoming discounts or sales offers.

      Surveys to get feedback from customers to understand their needs, feedback from employees to know about an employee’s productivity and enthusiasm about the work.

      Report Generation based on the feedback of customers or employees.

      Customizable appearance based on your business requirement, for example App name to represent your company, query fields for customer survey etc.

      BusinessGenie is a one-stop-shop for all your business notifications and surveys. It is a powerful tool, which cuts down the expenses on SMS advertisement, phone calls, banner printing etc.

      It is available for both Android and iOS devices. For more details and demo, contact us to

    • plaMobi

      "Advertise yourself on move"

      plaMobi ( is a real-time map classified mobile application that enables you to advertise yourself virtually on the go. It provides a wide range of options to help and resolve your needs in the location (Geolocation) you are in. Through plaMobi, you can either post and seek help or provide a helping hand to the one who needs it, with your mobile anytime.

      Whenever you advertise or post something, the status gets updated instantly in the map. The users who have installed plaMobi can browse through the map and see the status, or create filters to receive specific status update notifications. You can create multiple filters like "Cab”, “House for sale”, “Chinese food”, “iPhone accessories”, etc.

      • plaMobi supports two types of notifications filters :
      • ✉ General Search Based Notification: To receive status updates from specific location/area.
      • ✉ Geolocation Based Notification: To receive status updates from the Geolocation they are currently in. The maximum distance that can be covered in Geolocation is 1 km i.e. you will receive status update notifications from the areas that are within 1 km from the location you are currently in.

      plaMobi plays a significant role in helping you and assuring all your needs are met in the location you are in.

      As an example, let’s consider you have entered a new city and need a cab to reach your destination. You post a status saying “Looking for a cab to ABC location”. The status gets updated in the plaMobi map, and notification is sent to the plaMobi users who have created filter to receive cab enquiries or updates. A cab driver or travel agency notices your status either by receiving a notification or browsing through the plaMobi map, and reaches you to help.

      With this app you can:

      Post a status seeking help. Example: #Looking for a #cab or best south #Indian #restaurants, seeking help in case of emergency. (or) Make an announcement of your services or advertise your business. Example: A shop owner can post a status saying "Get Flat 40% off on #apparels and footwear for men, women and kids". Post any such status messages with hashtag supported.

      Create specific filters to receive status update notifications. Example: "Cab”, "Freelance PHP Programmer”, “Chinese Food”, “Lemon Tea”, etc.
      Use Case: Let’s consider you have set a filter as "Spring rolls" and enabled Geolocation based notifications. A restaurant that is in the same Geolocation updated its status as "Today's Special: Spring rolls with garlic sauce". plaMobi will send a notification about the restaurant status to your mobile. You can reach the restaurant and enjoy the spring rolls.

      Perform typical Classified search to find plaMobi users current status updates that meet your needs apart from browsing through the plaMobi map.

      Initiate chat conversation or make a phone call (if the user allowed to show the contact number) to seek or provide help/service. This feature enables you to have real-time interaction with the people who might be in the same vicinity, but don’t know each other.

      plaMobi honours your privacy. It does not reveal any information about you or your location until you disclose it personally. You can initiate a chat or make a phone call and convey your needs to the other person. If you notice misbehaviour or feeling uncomfortable with a person, you can block the person immediately. The blocked person can no more reach you through the app and see your status anymore.

      This is our on-going dream project. For more details , contact us by emailing to (or) visit plamobi website

    • SmartControl (IoT)

      SmartControl (Internet Of Things) is an unique mobile application that enables you to remotely access your personal and business information such as Contacts, Messages, Call history or any saved data on your mobile through internet, without having your mobile with you. SmartControl is an useful application for business travellers or traders who travel overseas more frequently for business purposes, or for people who love to travel around the world and also keep track of things that are happening in their place. With SmartControl, you can access your mobile through internet from all around the world without carrying it, and be free from roaming charges. You can have the complete control on your mobile from anywhere in the world, read your SMS, check the call history and respond to the messages without carrying your phone along with you.

      For example, consider you are a business entrepreneur and travel abroad more frequently for business purpose. Also, you are not carrying your mobile along with you in fear of paying roaming and international call charges. You might want to initiate an online transaction, for which you are challenged to enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile. You need to reach your mobile to get that OTP and complete your transaction. SmartControl helps you in resolving such issues quickly and efficiently. Lets assume you have installed SmartControl on your mobile. Now, you can get access to your mobile through internet and get the OTP.

      In future, all electronic appliances will be Wi-Fi enabled and everything will be controlled through mobile applications. As an example for the above statement, nowadays you can control a DVD player from a mobile app, without a RF remote. Eventually, you will see all devices and appliances such as Washing Machine, Air Cooler, etc. being controlled by a mobile application. In such case, SmartControl is the next generation mobile app and your ultimate resort to control all your appliances through internet.

      For more details, contact us by emailing to

Business Inquiries

Thanks for your interest. Please send in your business inquiries to We will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What browsers work with our site?
BangBit website is built on HTML5 Responsive Web Design using skelJS. So, pretty much all modern (and a few not-so-modern) browsers:
  • Chrome
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2. Why you need to create a BangBit Account (Sign In Account)?
Some of our mobile and web applications require user authentication. Once a BangBit account is created, you can use the same credentials to sign in to all these applications. BangBit supports social network sign in for all it's applications now.

3. Is BangBit Technologies a registered company?
BangBit Technologies is now a private limited company. BangBit Technologies Private Limited is incorporated on Eighth day of May Two Thousand Fifteen under the Companies Act, 2013 by Registrar of Companies, Bangalore, India.

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